Key Personnel

Dr Lambert Ezeajugh

Dr Lambert Ezeajugh is the director of the company and has over 20 years in geotechnical practice and management with the following relevant qualifications:

  • BSc (Hon) Geology/Civil Engineering
  • PhD Civil Engineering
  • PhD
  • Member Institution of Engineers Australia
  • Member Australian Geomechanics Society

Nat Dzadey (M Eng Sc - Environmental Engineering, FIE Aust)

Nat Dzadey is the Commercial and Engineering Manager with 42 years of experience engineering practice (surface water and groundwater exploration and supply and environmental engineering) and management.


GE employs subcontractors for field and laboratory testing.  Our internal resources are geared to briefing, coordination and supervision of sub-consultant's work along with whatever professional engineering supervision is warranted for the various projects.

Subcontract suppliers are selected based on their previous known or referred performance.  Quality assured subcontractors are our preferred suppliers.  However, where location and availability make this impossible, the controls in our system are employed to assure quality.

Procurement of external resources usually depends on availability at short notice, however, an approved supplier to GE must be GST registered with a demonstrated ability to perform the required task.  Laboratory testing is by NATA registered testing authorities.

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